The breeze, so warm
Feelings so norm
It took my heart away
To paradise occupied by mercy and care.
The voice inside me,
Devil, oh so satanic
Told me to give my everything
My belief, My affection
My sorrow, My intellection
I heard it, I obeyed
Got inside, felt like something is hailed
As if a thunderstorm came in leaving people wailed.
Dang! Why I follow my evil sounds
Always see everything as worthwhile
Before perceiving the truth of inside grounds
Give my faith to things so defile.


Your eyes tell the truth.
They speak your heart out.
Be with someone who knows how to read the script written by your eyes.
Who can find the fear behind the confidence you try to make others see.
Who can see the love which you decline to accept.
Who can see how sensitive you are inside the strong shield you’ve made.
Who can see the care behind your aggressively careless attitude.
Be with someone who can detect the real you.

You left the scars
Which speak every night to me
The beauty of being unloved
By someone so unworthy

The little spark
The brilliance in those little stars
The Flash of light
Twinkle in those alluring eyes

I’ll remember that all
Though my heart will not be safe
Wrecking nerves, old soul
I’ll wield myself over and over
Till the time we will meet again.

Look at yourself.
You can be a ray of sunshine that come as a glitter in someone’s canvas.
You have a capacity to bring out the stars in someone’s isolated dull oyster sky.
You can bring spring in someone’s humid weather.
You can walk them to the ground full of heartwarming flowers.
You’ve unmagnetised such repulsive acts from your soul in the past and yet you find it hard to believe in yourself.
That dreamy canvas belongs to you, that galaxian sky belongs to you, that alluring weather belongs to you and that floral garden belongs to you.
You’re the mayor of all the happiness that emerge from your inner self

That path.
That small walk with you having beside,
It felt more like thousand miles
more like the sky shuttering its beauty beneath the words left unspoken.

The last genuine taste of yours
I resided in your thoughts
You were not even feeling my soul.
Unwounded still
Afterall I was inhabited inside the
four grey yet radiant walls of hope.

Yes, hope.
Hope made me last.
I believed in you, in me,
in us.
I ornamentally watered my way of loving
when you were just happy being a fly on the wall.

Your thoughts define you.

They create a form in your mind which cannot be perceived by any other of your five senses.

They speak a lot about you so make sure you ponder right things, things which communicate positivity.

Be rational and incline ethical opinions.

Make it pure, especially morally and religiously.

Don’t manipulate your thinking by preassuming. Live in the present. Practice mindfulness.


Well, this time I’m not going to spread message of “stop bodyshaming others” because telling people to stop racism, sexism or narcissism is like telling a cat to bark. It’s completely useless.

So, yeah, here is what you can change in yourself. It’s 2018 and yet people around doesn’t get that everybody’s body is a personal business and seriously, you are the one who’s responsible for all these tears you sleep with. I would just say, move on. Move on from such concerns. We have so many bigger things to think about, so many significant situations to deal with. It’s not always the people you know? Sometimes you yourself put so much negativity in yourself related to all this. Even though people don’t say anything, you bodyshame yourself. Your body, your skin color, your height, your hair, girl, there are ample of opportunities coming your way where these issues will not mean a thing. Come out of this little shell and look at this world as a platform to showcase what you have. Never sleep with tears in your eyes because someone said something to you, they mean nothing, there words will pass by even they will, what you think from how many people you have right now are going to stay by your side forever? Cease yourself from giving that much importance to someone in your life. Confidence will come from within. You need to work on it. Even if you have those extra pounds around your waist and thigh but you’re mentally fit and eating right, you’re good to go. I won’t tell to stop exercising but cutting meals for someone is worthless. The day you’ll stop bodyshaming yourself is the day you will stop listening to people bodyshaming you. So you guys have to decide what you need to prioritize. Do you want validations from all these people or want to give authority to others to tell you how you look or you want to go a certain way? Make a change in yourself. Feel fit in yourself. Don’t let people make you feel that you’re not good enough. Extricate yourself from this.