You’ll always be my surface for paintings 

and a phase which I can never forget 

Placate and peaceful, joyful but painful. 

Enrage and adventurous, unreasonable but gracious. 

All my brushes will paint the heart not just with red but also grey and black cause’ these Colors which leaked through your eyes, flowed in your veins and stopped in your heart , but how can I forget the daylight which you brought in my dim nights and how can I forget your shadows which skipped the beats. I wish I could paint the rains our story but rendering your flaws is my priority  


Don’ts  and dos. 

I don’t care if you’re dark outside 

I don’t care if you’re fat

I don’t care if you are too thin 

I don’t care if your teeth are crooked 

I don’t care if your nose is bulky 

I don’t care if your too short 

I don’t care if you’re extra tall 

I don’t care if you’ve hair problem 

I don’t care if your nails are not proper 

I don’t care if you are unpropotionate 

I don’t care if your lips looks like a line 

I don’t care if your brows are attached 

I don’t care if your eyes are too small 


I do care if you’re not being yourself 

I do care if your ethics are low 

I do care if you throw like you’re someone else

Do you belong to any of these? 

If your mom and dad are still together,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 

If your relatives treat you like they treat their own child,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 

If you’ve that one bestfriend who makes you feel like home,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 

If you’ve enough money to pay your necessities,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 

If you’re are mentally abled and physically active,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 

If you’re well educated and building your career,

You don’t know how lucky you’re 
Things like these are not meant for everybody. There are people who are working 24h to serve a meal for a day atleast to their family. Who are not crying for not going to a friend’s party but to get a pen. If you belong to any of these above things , appreciate and learn.

Be grateful! 

Wanting all the days back where looking for you wasn’t the last choice but holding you. When every part of your body was satisfied by mine. The love that transformed into nothingness. The misapprehension of love, Devasted truths, Burned trusts and Uncertain lies. Still in denial, what made it so wrong that all the softness turned into ache, that all the possibilities finding air. The pain isn’t over, it expanded watching you not thinking the same because all this, it was just a name in your brain. You never wanted to go somewhere down the road with me finding shadows to escape from sun but you did wanted those shadows to change into complete darkness and push me in. Oh my mighty, can I’ve those butterflies back? Can I’ve the feeling of believing back? There are so many slots which are yet to be filled in my heart, yes, in this hollow.. unbearable heart. Can I’ve those goosebumps the time we first met and please not to make it last? Can we start this all over again? I know the answer,my lord but these never-ending hopes..

Accept yourself 

I saw a video today of a woman who had her spine injury due to car accident. She is in wheel chair now. She can never give birth to a child. She used to be in an unfaithful and forced marraige. She divorced him and liberated herself. She followed her interest and started making painting in the 4 white walls of the hospital. Her colorful paintings never showed grief but confidence. She did not sit behind and gave up. She stood up for herself. She started broadcasting and let public know what happened to her and how she is now. She adopter a muslim child and now he’s six, healthy and happy. When you accept yourself for who you are. When you forget your imperfections. The world recognizes you and accept you too. Failure can be an option but giving up can never. 

Love. Just love and you’ll know how to live. 

There are people who know your scars and keep in the softest part of their Heart and then there are people who use them as a weapon against you. Learn to know the difference. The worst part is not that you’re believing in them. The worst part is you think that everyone thinks the same. Start looking for those who don’t make you feel your flaws, but make a best out of it. You are beautiful and those who don’t make you believe in it are already insecure about themselves. There is a reason behind everything which is happening to you right not, which happened to you before and which will happen in future. All you should know is to how to handle it maturely and patiently. People who truly loves you can never hurt you. Be it in any circumstance, they will always find a way to make you happy. Sense the love, sense the words. Words can either break or build a person. Use them wisely! Don’t let the slip of your tongue make a hole in someone else’s heart. THINK before you speak. Joke around but only after knowing the comfort zone. Don’t let the reason of your happiness be someone else’s tears.