Happy Women’s day!

Happy Women’s Day to all the beautiful ladies out there. You all deserve to be loved. Do not let anyone mistreat you.

All the hardword you do and all the pain you suffer, it should get appreciated.

And to everyone, try to make them feel special everyday and not just today because you feel like you’re obligated to. They don’t want some materialistic love but just respect and kindness.

Trust is the key.

Trust is the base.

Trust is the foundation.

We crave loyalty but we flinch everytime when someone ask how it’s build. For us the meaning of loyalty is confined mainly to all the happiness and beautiful emotions coming our way with no hint of betrayals. We’ll never blame ourselves for anything. We seek faith and faith doesn’t happen overnight. Constructing a trust is what takes time and rushing it over is like coming our own way. We want efforts and observation solves it all. You cannot expect anything from a person who can never make you feel special, happy in the sad days and cannot take some time out to know what is up with you and your life. Still, for the name of love, we ignore this and suffer in the future. You’ll never get good vibes from a person who’s not loyal behind your back. They will unintentionally/intentionally send you hints and if you’re not taking it seriously then that’s what you choose for yourself, not those people you’re abusing. So lastly, before wanting fidelity, just refrain your mind and clear your eyes to see the truth. It’s all in front of you, trust me.

3 ways to combat stress!

Stress isn’t a little problem and it is obviously difficult to manage sometimes but believe me 80% of the times it’s just some tiny problem you overreact on. You won’t realize it that time because your mind has accepted the fact that it is real and big, that particular time. So the basic thing you need to change in yourself is self-control annnnd self-control or just distract your mind which is easier so yeah as far as my mind can go I’ve like 3 ways(which I also personally do) by which you can divert your mind’s attention another way.

Okay, first of all I am not talking about super serious matters. It’s on all those matters we overreact on.

1. YouTube

Yesss, YouTube and I’m not joking. First and foremost thing which well, works with me every single time. You’ll literally like start with how to get rid of…okay,I don’t know and end up watching stand up comedy. By the time you’ll stop watching videos you’ll realize how small the matter was sooo ya, here you go!

2. Tv series / movies / Books

Because I’m giving ways on how to divert your mind so this is obviously relatable (anytime). Everyone is fond of atleast one of them and if you’re not ( YOU SHOULD BE ๐Ÿ˜ถ ). They have stories in them and you choose to see what you’re interested in, right? So your brain will gradually put its attention towards what you seems is more interesting. Just.. just try to force yourself that time to continue with your novel or watch some good series and movies.

3. Meditate / Exercise

It sounds monotonous (unless you’re a gym lover) but hey? You’re not only managing your stress but also health (two in one๐Ÿ™„) Wasn’t able to console till now, I know. But seriously, it’s the bessst thing you can do when you’re about to cry or overthink. In general terms, it’ll convert your mental emphasis on stupid issues (no offense) into a really good and healthy side.

Yeah so that is it. See, it’s a human characteristic that we usually overthing or get overwhelmed too easily. I’m not a master at this ofcourse but if it can works for one person then there is a possibility that it can work for you too. Getting a professional treatment or counselling is an option but it’ll be just too soon unless it’s very serious. All you need is to relax and calm yourself down before putting your brain on such pressure. Stress can actually lead to serious health problems but managing it is no big deal. Believe in yourself and wait for the matter, for yourself to calm down. I’ve read this 72h theory somewhere that if something won’t stress you in 72h, thinking and crying over it now is just a waste of time.

If this is about losing a special person from your life then give yourself some time or accept that time will do its thing. I’m not telling you to be cold-hearted and like, never ever cry. Just take is as a healing process. It’ll be over and you’ll be better. Making immature decisions that very time isn’t an option.

Slowly and gradually
dissembling her own petals
The flower which was meant to bloom forever.

Eyes still fetch
the efflorescence deep lost
digging and digging
forgetting the heart filled with rocks.

There she found someone nice while looking
for someone else
no wonder by not brooding about the past
she found herself.

Time to move on!

Better to flip the current page and start reading what will happen further than to stuck at the same page re-reading.
Reading old messages, stalking them on social media to see what’s new in ‘their’ life, remembering good moments you guys spent together then crying looking to your current situation will never give you peace. Instead of checking what’s happening in their life, start looking at yours. You think you’re happy? Like really happy? No and blame yourself for that because you’re all on your own. Moving on doesn’t happen in a day so just be patient and work on yourself slowly and gradually. Maybe your heart is sensitive and fragile but your mind is still strong. Make directions, make goals and start following it. And please, please block them, delete all the messages and get rid of their stuff. Divert yourself from them. They didn’t make you or your life. You were happy before they came in so you can live without them now also. People out there are not liable for your happiness, you’ve to do it on your own. Make your expectations nil, total zero. If you cannot stand to your expectations then stop hoping that others will too.

Moonlight streaming
through the windows
late night when all the lights were shut
and doors were closed.
They were dancing without the tunes flowing in.
His palms on her waist and her hands on his shoulder,
looking into each other’s eyes as if everything has been absorbed there and then.
Peace that inculcated in their souls watching each other so satisfied.
No words, no flinch
Only emotions.