Don’t demolish yourself! 

We give several reasons why we are hurt and most of them don’t blame us or point on us but one way or the other we’re always responsible for our condition. Why? Because we get into the thing which in back of our mind we already know that it may not be the good decision. For instance, most of the heartbreaks are caused by people we love. (Let’s say betrayal) The first faulty step from our side was we trusted them with a great rush. Secondly, we loved them blindly. No person betray unreasonably (reasons can be senseless, though) and these only reasons were the hints for us before which we could have given a thought. The only problem with us is that our heart denies to listen what our mind wants to say and this leads to heartbreak. Instead of keeping ourself in an utter peace we choose the path of belief and expectations. 

Detach yourself from these strings of expectations. Don’t annihilate your ownself! 

You can if you think you can!

If you know what you want to do and too determined to achieve your goals then the ball is in your court and future is in your hands. It will never be difficult for you to sway your distractions and go ahead if you’re already motivated and desperate to achieve what you want from life. But, if you’re not putting efforts no one can stop you from going down either. It’s like trying to dip into the sea with no intension of swimming or save yourself from drowning. If you’ve an urge, desire and aspirations then no one is powerful enough to prevent you or stop you. Setting your heart out from something you wanted for so long just because of initial failures that hampered your growth is like setting your goals on fire with proper willingness. 

– You definitely can if you think you can.

It costs $O.OO to smile. 

Smile is a curve which sets everything straight. It’s a well known statement which should not be just limited till caption to our photos but also to apply it in our day to day lives. Who likes a woebegone person? Who likes a person who has a sad or miserable appearance? Despite of whatever we are going through in our life we should never show it to the whole world afterall its not a matter of fact for them. These emotions are meant to be shown to your loved ones and not anyone passing by. Always, seriously always wear a smile though it’s a hollow one but when you smile you’ll be glad to see others happy too. Don’t mistake this with ‘keeping your emotions aside, always’ but show and share your emotions with those who deserve to know. Your sadness will wither away if you take a cheerful smile with you. You’re like the moon. Though, it temporarily lose its brightness in the winters as it is veilded behind fog and mist but it will never lose its radiance, like you. You’ll never be misted permanently. You’ll never lose your charm. Keep spreading strength, vigour and happiness! 

Unusual suggestions. 

Giving suggestions to people is eath and easy as falling off a log. It is like making a meal from the leftovers but you can’t ask someone to do something with whom you can never trade lives with. If you cannot live and develop in their life or simply not confident enough to trade lives with them then stop implying. If someone seriously wants it then tell them that you’re not good at advices but you think that they should do this. If you can’t heartfelt that thing, your suggestions are unusual so instead don’t give it. 

Prosper and grow! 

You can never get trust and respect from someone who don’t know how to appreciate your presence. You can give so much to someone but if they don’t want to like you, they never will most probably. Cry over your destiny or even cry over in front of them, your respect will only get less. There are less people who understand your emotions. Just stay with those who understand. Stop reaching for those who don’t want you. Don’t annihilate your life. You deserve someone who not only feels happy to have you but also makes you feel alive and comfortable. You can never expect those people to trust you who don’t even believe in yourself. You can never expect those people to drive you to happiness when they don’t know how to even make themselves joyful.