She is an unfathomed soul which is still lying in the depths of chaotic voices. She doesn’t believe in unrobing her heart anymore because a small change yields a different outcome in her life. She has her own different cosmos far far away from blustery waves. Her eyes illuminates this world by emitting rays of aspirations. Her essence is her pure heart which instills confidence in other spirits. She is a concrete illusion. Her body outcries with strength and wisdom and yet world doesn’t understand this beautiful abstract. 


What can you expect from a person who don’t get their own statements right? Who will never stand up to their mistakes and never accept them. Who will never apologize and do it all over again. Stop going after these robots. When you’ll understand this, after some time others too then abandonment will introduce these people the definition of feelings. Wait for that moment. That moment will be next to possible. It will happen, trust me. If you get bad vibes from someone over and over again even after you try to forgive them and ignore all these vibes , then yes , they are bad. Trust me, if someone is leaving you by their own choice , they never really loved you before. 

You ruined yourself for alot of people. They broke you, they ripped you apart, they trapped you into their game, they used you and left you like nothing happened. They didn’t know what you deserve but provided you with everything which is undeserving. But it’s enough now. Enough of lies and betralayals. You’ve been gathering so many lessons , now is the time you should use them.

  1.  You have seen alot lately that how people has broken your trust so stop trusting people so easily. Be mature enough to make yourself realise that only 1 or 2 out of 10 people will be trustworthy.     
  2. You mostly complain that people don’t stand upto your expectations. Remember, everyone will always be atleast slight different  from what you think they are. Don’t blame them for not fulfilling your wishes. It’s like forcefully making them do what you demand for. Let people do what or how they want and even if they don’t wish to do anything, it’s their choice.

 You’re the one who can rescue yourself. Don’t waste your time rearranging and reshaping places for people instead give yourself some quality time to reshape your manner to deal with people. 

There are times when you have to choose one from the two. For you both are equally perfect or imperfect or enough to settle for but you have to choose one. You get so confuse that you even makeup your mind to get rid of both of them. But no, this is the worst decision when this decision reflects your future. This time you need to be wise and confident. Note down the pros and cons of both. If it does not work then flip a coin , the gap between when you flipped it to when it will come down , your heart will tell you where to go because that’s when you’ll get to know what you want and what you are expecting from that coin to give you. Go where you heart takes you. 

Track positivitie. Rectify your mindset by changing its vision. Move the needle towards your happiness and forget whatever is giving you a hard time. Life is like a box full of roses. One way it will consume you to its aroma and you’ll feel like there’s heaven everywhere. Another way you may feel like you’re walking on thornes and there is nothing like heaven unless it has exchanged its name with hell. Only you can decide which way you want to go. Trauma or aroma? 

I need you. Don’t let me go. Who will lift me up whenever I will break down? Take my hand and walk with me. Don’t loose the grip. Love me with all your heart and decorate my hollow life. Please don’t abandon me. Of all the times I saw myself from your eyes, I felt comfortable. It’s a long way to go, I can’t walk alone. Isolation is my worst fear and I can’t face it so don’t run away from me. You and I together can make a composition of such a colorful universe. Don’t be a kook and hold me tightly.